Committee Charge

The Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee (SASCO) of ALA’s New Members Roundtable is charged with the task of developing and maintaining a network of individuals able to promote ALA and NMRT, to work with other NMRT and ALA recruitment efforts, to help keep student members informed of various NMRT activities, awards and scholarships, and to review/evaluate NMRT’s student recruitment efforts.

For more information on student chapters, please visit ALA Student Chapter Answers and the Directory of ALA Student Chapters.

Why this Blog? 

In 2011, SASCO began publishing a newsletter, The SASCO Update. The Update was published from Jan-June 2012. While it was well received by student chapters, the 2012-13 committee decided to take advantage of the capability of a blog to post opportunities in a more timely/efficient manner, and thus the NMRT SASCO blog was born.

What’s on the Blog?

This blog was originally designed to be a one-stop shop for LIS students and ALA Student Chapters to get news and information about NMRT events, scholarship opportunities, news, conference information, and really anything that is useful for student members.

As of 2015, SASCO committee members communicate directly with ALA Student Chapters to share news and opportunities from NMRT. These updates will then be posted on the NMRT SASCO blog, so that it acts as an archive of previous updates for ALA student chapters from NMRT.



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